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Law and Regulation of
Crypto and Web3

This online course focuses on cryptocurrency regulation, web3, DAOs, NFTs, DeFi, stablecoins, issuance of tokens, cross-border regulations of crypto, licensing in major jurisdictions, and many other practical topics. Apart from the legal stuff, the course will also give you the technical basics of MetaMask, GitHub, Etherscan, smart contracts, and more.

The Course Was Designed For


If you aspire to become a blockchain lawyer, this course is the right place to start. Learn about the regulation of crypto in the U.S., Europe (MiCA), and other crypto-friendly jurisdictions. In addition to regulations, you will learn the in-and-outs of crypto transactions, such as token issuance and token compensation.


You simply can’t ignore the legal side of crypto, especially if you are a founder aiming to launch a web3 product or service. This course will help build a firm understanding of the regulatory landscape of crypto and the most common legal pitfalls for entrepreneurs. This course will also help you know when and whom to call if a regulator comes knocking at your door.


Similarly, if you invest in crypto, you know the legalities of crypto investment deals continually come into play. In this course, you will learn about available legal instruments used to finance crypto projects, potential risks, and best practices. Your newly acquired expertise can protect your investment and might even impress your portfolio companies.


10 lectures

On-demand video lectures with clear guidance

15+ hours

Includes lectures, study materials, and legal documents

~400 slides

The slides will always be there for you to reference as needed


Get an uber-cool animated NFT certificate upon completing the course

Lifetime access

All future materials will be available whenever you need them

50+ students

Join the community and support group of students and graduates



Introductory Lesson

A brief history of crypto regulation since 2013, what web3 is, and other basic concepts



A dive into the legal and technical features of fungible tokens, the risks of issuing tokens, and the protections built into legal documents


NFT and to-earn

An explanation of “non-fungible tokens” from a legal and technical point of view and the distribution of NFTs and their use in various to-earn applications



A discussion on the historical background of the emergence of associations of people forming DAOs, the main legal risks and documents associated with DAO contracts



An outline of the fundamentals of DeFi and an overview of the advantages it presents, including decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, insurance, stablecoins and other financial primitives


Mining, Stacking, Exchanges, Wallets

Defining exchanges and wallets and their important legal differences, protecting your cryptocurrency, and controlling who legally has access to the wallet aside from the owner


Regulation in the U.S

An in-depth discussion about the regulation of crypto endeavors in the U.S.


Regulation in Europe (MiCA)

A detailed analysis of future regulation of crypto in the EU (MiCA)


Regulation in Other Jurisdictions

An overview of the regulation of cryptocurrencies in other crypto-friendly jurisdictions (BVI, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, etc.)


Taxes, Sanctions, and Other Legal Aspects

A brief discussion on the main tax and sanctions trends in the world and how they impact development and the demand for cryptocurrencies


Final Lesson

A wrap-up discussion on how lawyers can advance in the web3 realm, who to follow, what to read, and what is essential to understand


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